15 GIFs That Perfectly Represent Working In Digital Marketing

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Digital News

Jargon, clients, deadlines and Google… there’s plenty to react to on a daily basis when you work in a digital agency. This collection of digital marketing GIFs pretty much sums up what it’s like working in this crazy, crazy industry.

1. When you get positive feedback from a client:

Oh stop it!


2. When it’s your first day back at work after a nice relaxing holiday:

3502 Unread Emails


3. When Google releases another algorithm update but you’re still dealing with the last one:

Ugh Really


4. When you’re on a deadline:

Kermit Typing


5. When you have to pitch to a client for the first time:

I Sense Much Fear In You


6. When a new client signs with your agency… but then you realise their budget doesn’t match their expectations:

Happy To Sad


7. When you’re in a brainstorming session and everyone likes your idea the best:

Fabulous Beyonce


8. When what you thought was a brilliant idea gets rejected:



9. When your client gets hit with a Google penalty:



10. When you arrive at work ready for a productive day, only to find the Wi-Fi is down:

Apartment On Fire


11. When your co-worker starts speaking in marketing jargon and you can’t keep up:



12. How your friends that don’t work in digital marketing react when you try to explain the finer details of SEO to them:


Helpful: Check out this guide to explaining your digital job to unsavvy friends and family.


13. When a client’s Facebook post that you made gets a ton of likes:

You Really Love Me


14. When your client tries to use digital jargon but they get it completely wrong:

Eyebrow Raise


15. When it’s been a long week so your boss treats the whole team to Friday afternoon drinks:

Why Are You So Good To Me

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