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Bags To Go

Using a strategic combination of broad and narrow keyword targeting, alongside our ongoing SEO tactics, Search Factory | iProspect increased Bags To Go’s online visibility and boosted website traffic.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in Overall New Visitors

How we helped Bags To Go

With a comprehensive SEO strategy and our ability to recognise key opportunities, we helped Bags To Go claim a larger slice of the customer pie – despite the inherent challenges that exist in the travel industry.

The Background

As one of the most competitive industries in the Australian search market, the travel e-commerce sector is one of the most cluttered verticals online. Millions of Australians holidaying each year to hundreds of thousands of destinations, it’s easy to see why. Cutting through the competition and increasing Bags To Go’s online presence was not an easy feat in the luggage market.

Our challenge was to improve overall visibility and market share online for Bags to Go.

Our Approach

Recognising that search demand within the travel vertical was at an all-time high and accelerating on a continuing upward trajectory, opportunities abounded within natural (or organic) search. As part of our SEO roadmap, we were able to identify and prioritise targeting opportunities for Bags to Go via:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Trend searches

By deploying a comprehensive SEO strategy that included ongoing website audits, structural website changes, steady content refreshes, continual link-building and offsite SEO, we were able to assist Bags to Go in achieving significant growth in visibility, traffic and custom.

Our Results


Year-on-year increase in organic traffic

Through clever targeting, we achieved significant traffic increases for specific brands sold by Bags To Go, including Swiss Gear Luggage (increased by 1,218.99%), Blackwolf (1,139.09%), Antler (418.40%) and Samsonite (353.25%).


Year-on-year increase in organic traffic

As well as bringing new people to the Bags To Go website, our SEO activities simultaneously decreased the site’s bounce rate by 10%. This means there are more visitors, and those visitors are less likely to leave straight away.

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