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Quantitative, qualitative, competitive – whatever your data requirements, the Search Factory | iProspect team in Brisbane has a solution that’s right for you. Our Digital Analytics Consulting service can provide you with key insights and business intelligence.

What is Digital Analytics Consulting?

Digital Analytics Consulting involves taking raw data and interpreting it to gain insights that can be used for decision-making. Identifying the raw data you need? Check. Presenting you with useable information? Check. All the steps between? Triple check. Get us on your team for everything from data ingestion, imports and exports to dataset cleaning, stitching, and automation and reporting.

Our Data Analytics and Insights professionals have the expertise to assist you at any point of any data project. Trust us with all your data needs; we can help with a range of aspects, including:

  • Measurement
  • Processing
  • Statistical analysis
  • Reporting.

So whether you need actionable insights, valuable business intelligence, competitor and macro-environmental intelligence or data supplementation, let our capable Brisbane-based team handle all your data desires!

Why Choose Us for Digital Analytics Consulting?

If you’re considering enlisting an agency to help you with data, you obviously like making informed decisions. Here’s why you should work with us:

We Offer Custom Solutions

Our service is flexible, just like our team. Don’t need all of our data services? Cool – we won’t include all of them! You get what you need, how you need it, when you choose to partner with Search Factory.

We Believe in Comprehensive Reporting

Doing the hard yards means nothing if the delivery is poor. Our reports are:

  • Visual
  • Interpretive
  • Insightful.

This means you get the full picture quickly and easily, increasing both your ability to make smart
decisions and your personal efficiency.

We are Data-Centric

Just as you use data to make informed business decisions, so do we. Data is at the heart of everything we do, from Content and SEO to PPC advertising – so, of course, it’s a key aspect of our Digital Analytics service.

We Have a Holistic Approach

You don’t need data and insights presented to you in isolation. When you work with us, you’re getting a big-picture view that illustrates more than an individual campaign or dataset – we understand how each element works together strategically to progress your business.

We Have Dedicated Account Managers

Talk directly to the person behind the numbers. We don’t agree with having intermediaries – it only adds extra layers of communication. The person you communicate with will be the same person working on your account, so you can trust they are experienced, reliable, based in Australia and across all your data needs.

We Can Present You with Proven Results

We know data, and we know how to interpret it. We’ve helped other businesses understand the environment they are working in – now it’s your turn!.

What’s Included in This Service?

Business performance is driven by data. Informed decisions tend to be smart decisions. Let us help you take control of all the information by starting with accurate and useful data. We can help you with everything from data ingestion, data imports and exports to data stitching, code implementations, and technical specifications.

Need data but not sure where to start? Our team can also help you work out what needs to be measured and how to measure it, so you have the datasets you need to start getting some truly helpful insights.

Our Digital Analytics Consulting service includes:

  • Insightful Consultation
  • Measurement Planning / Measurement Protocol
  • Web Analytics Technical Specifications
  • Online / Offline Data Integrations
  • Data Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting
  • Dataset Cleaning
  • Web Analytics Imports / Exports
  • Reporting Automation and Dashboarding
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Processing
  • Attribution Modelling

Digital Analytics FAQs

Wondering if Digital Analytics Consulting has the solutions to all of your marketing needs? It might, but find out for sure with our questions and answers below. Of course, we can’t put every possible question in here – if the information you’re looking for isn’t on this page, just call our Brisbane office to find out more!

Do I have to sign up for every Data Analytics service?
Not at all! Only engage us for the parts you need – our services are fully customisable.
What should I invest?
Your investment will depend on your budget and the importance of the data and insights you need.
How do you report on performance?
The short answer is: comprehensively. We provide detailed reports, complete with insights and recommendations (should you want them). Everything we deliver is visual and easy to understand, so you can spend less time puzzling over documents and more time implementing solutions.
Do I need to invest in Data Analytics Consulting?
This depends on your business, your industry and your goals. If you feel like you are often flying blind when it comes to key decisions or you are looking for ways to get one-up on your competitors, insights gleaned from data can often be the solution you’re looking for.
How do I get started?
With a phone call or an email! Contact us to find out more about our Digital Analytics Consulting service.

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