Author: Kyle Manning

The 13 Weirdest Stock Images We Found This Month

When stock images are good, they can be extremely helpful for content. But when they’re bad, they can be downright hilarious. Each month, while looking for suitable visuals for our content, we find an absurd number of weird photos. There’s stuff that makes us think “what purpose could this ever have?” and images that leave us with the classic “WTF am I looking at?” face. You know what we’re talking about, right? Well, if not, strap yourself in. Here are 13 of the bizarre stock images we (regrettably) didn’t download this month. Note: The heading above each image is the photo’s...

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Self-Editing Techniques For Writers Who Have No Friends

So you’re writing something important. Like cover letter for your dream job important, not replying to a J.K. Rowling tweet important. You’ve finished your first draft, and you reckon it’s pretty good. But you know from experience that your writing isn’t bullet-proof (honestly, whose is?). There are probably a couple of typos, spelling mistakes and confused homophones hanging out in there like uninvited errors at a raging word party. What are you gonna do? Mum’s overseas. Your colleagues aren’t paid to proofread your personal documents. And your friends are too busy, unintelligent or imaginary to help you. Yep, it’s down to you....

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