Author: Tyla Kanasa

5 Tips for Beating Writer’s Block

So you’re staring at a blank screen and it’s staring right back. Taunting you. Mocking you. Making you wonder if there’s anything of value stored away in your head. Yep, you’ve got a bad case of the writer’s block. But don’t panic – it’s not permanent, and it’s treatable. I had a chat with our team of content writers about this very issue and we are here to help. I weeded through their suggestions and it seems the general consensus is that we should all throw our computers out and watch the world burn. But, hey, you probably need...

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Internet Killed the DVD Star

Technology is ever-changing. That’s what I say to myself when I’m attempting to reconcile with the child inside of me who is still not over never owning a Hiptop. I also never owned that Motorola flip phone everyone had, which has now got me questioning if my parents even loved me at all. Instead of a cool phone that would make me super popular with the kids, I got that silver LG flip phone that came with its own diamantes for custom bedazzling. While I know the phones I wanted were eventually replaced with far superior technology, I will...

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