The 13 Weirdest Stock Images We Found This Month

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Content Marketing

When stock images are good, they can be extremely helpful for content. But when they’re bad, they can be downright hilarious.

Each month, while looking for suitable visuals for our content, we find an absurd number of weird photos. There’s stuff that makes us think “what purpose could this ever have?” and images that leave us with the classic “WTF am I looking at?” face.

You know what we’re talking about, right? Well, if not, strap yourself in. Here are 13 of the bizarre stock images we (regrettably) didn’t download this month.

Note: The heading above each image is the photo’s original title. You can’t make this up, people.


“Woman eating at a restaurant looking very happy”

When Miranda’s done with her sandwiches, she’ll be drinking her wine with a spoon. She’s not a bloody savage, like you are. You probably eat sandwiches with your bare hands, you filthy animal.


“Group of cheerful friends driving a cabriolet”

“Models, your motivation for this scene is: you’re sun goddesses enjoying a blurry, glamorous safari. You’re also in a Taylor Swift music video.”


“Santa asking for quiet to camera against snowflake pattern”

The only thing Seductive Santa wants for Christmas is hoes, hoes, hoes.

“Young man driving without a car”

Jack is such a joker. He tells his mates he drives an invisible Ferrari. In reality, he’s high AF. What a riot!


“Portrait of impudent beautiful young man with braces on isolated white background”

This photo taught us that a man can be both impudent and beautiful. #TheMoreYouKnow


“Angry husband pointing wife against wooden table”

When you literally live on a table surface, hiding behind fallen leaves is the only way to catch your wife cheating on you with an earthy-coloured trench coat.


“A bad traveling experience”

“Nuh, uh. Not today, globe.”


“Wooden man concept: carpeting, polishing, maintenance, cleaning”

When Timber Man was rejected by the X-Men, he had no choice but to fall back into a career of stock image modelling. It’s not the dream job he discussed with his high school career counsellor, but it does pay the bills.


“Nerd in eyeglasses and his only friend, dog”

When you read the title of this image, you realise just how sad it is. The titular ‘dog’ is the poor nerd’s only friend, yet not even he/she can stand to look at him.


“Girl with kissing parrot”

“Ah, yes. Gimme that sweet, sweet nose flesh.”


“Beautiful young sad lonely man sitting on the bed hugging a pillow in the shape of heart, symbolizing the loneliness on Valentine’s Day”

This guy went to a lot of effort to painfully remind himself of his recent breakup. Those wall decorations are on point though, 10/10.


“Portrait of Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus with cap”

Fabulous. Just fabulous. But also a bit strange.


“Girl hiding in a cardboard box”

“This is my home now.”


Thanks, internet. We can always count on you for… whatever this is.

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