5 Brands That Break the Mould With Their Web Copy

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Content Production

Good web copy is crucial for every business. Uninspired content can drive visitors away from your website and back to Google faster than you can say “baby, come back”. Sure, your service might be better than your competitors’, but if your web copy is dull or riddled with typos, you’ve just lost yourself a customer.

Have you ever been on a website and realised you have to scroll back to the top of the page because you weren’t really paying attention? Unfortunately, not every industry welcomes cheeky innuendo and amusing GIFs to keep readers engaged. (Luckily, our industry does. Stick with us.)

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It can be easy for more ‘corporate’ businesses to play it safe, often inspiring visitors to take a nap rather than make an enquiry. And sure, a company that offers legal advice, for example, isn’t going to have the same creative freedom with their web copy as a company that sells cute outfits for dogs. But that doesn’t mean you have to be dull.

These 5 brands successfully broke the mould with their web copy, and we say “brava!” to their outside-the-box approach.

1. Marque Lawyers

Breaking free of the stereotype that lawyers are stuffy and old-fashioned, the Marque Lawyers website immediately draws you in with its sleek, contemporary design and bold images. Yeah, it looks pretty, but it’s the company’s copy that keeps you on their site.

Their mantra “Law, done differently” is apparent in their content – a breath of fresh air compared to your average law site. Marque doesn’t overwhelm the reader with information. They keep it simple, and instead of offering promises and statistics on success, they tell you what they don’t do (e.g. they don’t charge clients by the hour, for contact or for travel time).

It’s this approach that makes Marque stand out, focusing on the relationship between lawyer and client. This copy makes the reader feel valued and respected immediately, thinking, in Marque’s own words: “Finally, lawyers who get it.”


The best thing about the AAMI website is that while it’s fun, it’s still totally professional. Consistent with the brand’s image that we know and love from TV advertisements, AAMI proves it is possible to nail the “friendly/professional” tone that so many companies aim for (and awkwardly miss).

This super user-friendly site never fails to put the customer first with personable and conversational copy. By keeping the content concise, the reader is able to get the information they need without reading a novel and easily take action with guidance from the site’s well-thought-out design.

It might seem impossible, but AAMI makes insurance seem fun and easy. What more convincing could a reader need to make the call?

3. ShineWing Australia

Visit the ShineWing Australia website and you’ll immediately feel inspired by their snappy sentences that ooze passion, subtly sprinkled with a bit of bad-ass attitude for good measure.

This site offers visitors a more personal experience with partner profiles visible on the landing page. After all, it’s not just about the services a business can offer a potential client. Every accounting firm rattles these off like they’re going out of fashion. It’s about the people who make up the company, and the importance of the relationship between these professionals and their clients.

ShineWing says goodbye to dull and hello to injecting personality into their website, giving readers something to remember them by when they’re deciding between accounting firms.

4. YLaw Group

YLaw Group’s website is a perfect example of how to deliver a message clearly and effectively while engaging with, and relating to, the reader. With all the information you need clearly set out on their landing page, YLaw doesn’t require you to go hunting through pages and links to find what you’re looking for.

Their copy is poignant and hopeful, sympathising with the reader and clearly making the statement that YLaw is on their team. Honest and transparent, their site answers every question you might have with concise information regarding the company’s background and values, client testimonials and a clear outline regarding initial costs. This saves you a phone call at least, and demonstrates the company’s respect of their clients’ time.

Personable and relevant, YLaw’s web copy paints a positive picture of what clients can expect when working with the business, as opposed to the somewhat sterile and detached content of its competitors.

5. Nimble

When someone needs money fast, they don’t want to be stuffing around trying to navigate a website. With their customer in mind, Nimble has created simple and concise website copy that offers all the essential information in as little words as necessary.

Their loan examples are an especially nice touch, taking away the need for the potential customer to do the calculations themselves. With everything you need to know on the landing page, including the FAQs, Nimble has well and truly taken their customers’ needs into consideration when creating their web copy. Complete with their famous calm and helpful tone, Nimble’s web copy is the voice of reason when you’re panicking about your overdue power bill.

A company’s web copy can make or break their business. Not only does good website content help to improve your rankings in search engine results, but it also sets the tone for your brand. What do you want your brand to say?

Whether you’re in an industry that allows you to go crazy with creativity or you’re cruising in the corporate lane, it’s worth asking yourself: should you break the mould or play it safe?

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