Worth 1,000 Words: How To Use Graphic Design In Your Content

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Content Production

Before you post yet another standard black and white, text-heavy article to your website, fated to be lost in the cyberspace sea, why not consider catching the eye of your audience with something different?

With the right graphic components, you can make your content:

  • More appealing to your audience
  • More likely to be clicked and shared
  • A better overall ambassador for your business (hello, brand awareness!).

Incorporating graphic design doesn’t just make your content more visually attractive. It can also communicate your message faster and more clearly while encouraging a deeper engagement with your readers.

Are you thinking of using a visual component in your content, but not sure where to start? From informative infographics to attention-grabbing photos, here are some of the best ways to integrate graphic design into your content and why every company should be using imagery when possible to convey their messages.

Blog Post Graphics

Content with no pictures is like a cat with no fur: it makes sense, but you don’t want to look at it for long.

This applies to both website and blog copy. If you have a product or service to sell or an idea to communicate, using a visual component will help your content fulfil its purpose more effectively.

For example, reading that the Eiffel Tower is a whopping 300m tall – over 3 times the height of Big Ben – is all well and good, but including an image or chart comparing the two iconic buildings will help your audience comprehend the height difference. This will also draw their eye and compel them to continue scrolling.

Using a visual element condenses your message and reveals it more efficiently, allowing you to engage and inform readers faster than you can with written content alone. It is a great way to enhance an otherwise dull blog post and further promote the purpose of your content.


I could tell you about the history of data storage with text alone, or I could communicate the same information with an infographic, including eye-catching images and providing a fun and visually pleasing piece of content that you may even consider sharing on social media.

What do you think your audience would be more likely to engage with?

A History Of Digital Storage

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Stock Images

Not having the resources for your own custom-made graphics doesn’t mean your blog is destined for a wordy, wordy grave. Smartly used stock photos can add an engaging visual element to your content – you just have to avoid the bad ones.

Is this one of the ‘bad ones’? I’ll let you decide.

If your marketing budget is tight, you’ll have fewer stock photo options. But you do still have options.

Some great free stock image sites include:

Any piece of content with an audience can benefit from a visual component. Including graphic design in your content will not only attract your audience and convey your message in a clear and fun medium, but it will also help to reveal your brand’s ideas and values and make you stand out from the competition. Images can also provide SEO benefits – what a time to be alive!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get graphic!

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