In this weeks #SFGettingSmarter session, we are covering how to setup event tracking and goal tracking using Google Analytics. In this video is a step by step guide on how to go about implementing the code on the website, making sure that it is tracking effectively and finally setting up a goal using the event we have just created.

The reason why agencies and companies alike use event tracking, is because it allows you to track and monitor events and button clicks on the page that Google Analytics out of the box wouldn’t otherwise be able to track. Allowing us to analyse what particular actions are working best and what isn’t so that we can make changes to help improve the overall pages engagement and companies end goals.

Event tracking is made up of 4 values that you can use to describe a users interaction. The “Category”, the “Action”, the “Label” & lastly the “Value”. Giving these custom names we can start to see what content people are interacting with throughout the website and start to decipher why certain aspects of the page are not working by changing the length of a video, changing a button colour or even changing the text of a link. Get started with event tracking today and implementing it into your website using our step by step guide.

If you wish Search Factory to analyse and setup event tracking on your website, please contact us today.