Talk to People, Not Customers, With Customer Segmentation

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Data & Analytics

Do you get along with your distant uncle, Bob? Chances are, you don’t. But perhaps if you spent some time getting to know him, you’d have more in common than you realise. Breaking the ice is never easy, but conversing after finding common ground is usually much more fluid.

On the contrary, if you’ve already identified common ground but instead spend time talking about things Bob appears disinterested with, you’re really just ensuring Bob remains your ‘distant’ uncle.

In marketing, there are many Uncle Bobs. And Williams. And Alfreds. And Margarets. We see customer segmentation as a means of identifying these ‘people’ and delineating between their interests in order to personalise their messaging, experience and affinity.

So, what’s new?

Messaging and communications has always been a key part of marketing. But in 2017, we see the era of personalisation advancing in ways that, until now, have been mere pipe dreams. There have been huge advancements in methodologies for the profiling and databasing of customers (both existing and potential) that many brands are yet to effectively utilise.

If you’re beginning to explore any of the below, speak to your account manager to see what guidance we might be able to provide:

  • 3rd-party ad servers
  • Data management platforms (DMP)
  • CRM implementation/integration
  • Customer segmentation via behavioural profiling
  • Marketing automation software
  • Other customer-centric systems, databases or profiling software.

Using new customer segmentation methods or refining existing measures will underpin the ‘humanisation’ of marketing messaging and we are gearing our teams to stay ahead of this curve. The right message to the right audience at the right time has never been a more achievable feat.

How are we adapting?

Working with our clients, we’re already assisting in helping to define collection measures, evaluating and growing customer segments, and developing a structured approach to nurturing customers through their various engagements.

We’re actively seeking ways to integrate our clients’ CRM data with media and web platforms and are encouraging clients to speak with their account managers to identify any opportunities in this regard.

Why is customer segmentation increasingly important?

The more you know about your customer base, the more targeted and relevant you can make your messaging. Given the abundance of new segmentation measures available, if you’re not already make the most of these, chances are – your competitors soon will.

What are our top tips toward achieving customer segmentation success? Define your collection measures, evaluate your existing segments, deliver the right messaging for your audience… and Bob’s your uncle!

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