AdWords Gets Smarter

Did you know that half of all Google searches are made on mobile devices? Even if you didn’t know, Google certainly figured it out. Mobile bid adjustments have been available since July 2013, but this week Google announced advertisers will soon be able to place bid adjustments on desktops and tablets as well! This means more control over device bids and lower conversion costs for advertisers. Clever right?

Google Confesses to Being Really, Really Successful

Google is hogging all the limelight this week. They have finally admitted to handling trillions – yes trillions – of searches per year. Back in the mid-2000’s they claimed to be doing around 100 billion, which at the time seem fairly impressive, but now? Pfft.

Updates to Google Maps Advertising

We ain’t done with Google news just yet. One of many announcements to come out of the Google’s recent Performance Summit in San Francisco confirmed changes to advertisements in Google Maps. Google has previously experimented with advertising in its maps application, but things are getting serious now. ‘Promoted pins’ and ‘promoted locations’ will be a thing, along with new customisation features. We suppose it will make getting lost more fun?

Instagram Analytics: What You Need to Know

Instagram is about to deliver on its promise to develop new business profiles designed to give lesser known brands a better chance of becoming Instafamous. Business profiles will soon have fancy new analytics, so you can find out what times of the day your page is most popular with your followers. Post impressions and detailed follower demographics will also be featured.