Happy Friday!

Bing Shopping is Up and Running

After being in beta for markets outside the US, Bing has made shopping campaigns fully functional for advertisers in the UK. This gives them more opportunity to capture online sales from informed and intent-driven consumers who are ready to purchase.

Facebook Messenger is All about Those Group Chats

If you’ve been lying awake at night wondering when Facebook Messenger was going to make group calls really easy for you, then this is your lucky week. You heard right, folks – group calls are now supported for every user. Now all we need is some friends to talk to! (Just kidding.)

You Might See Some Ads If You Ever Click Through to Local Finder Results

If you ever go through the ‘More places’ function from the search results, you might see an ad at the top of the list.

Order IDs Help Reduce Duplicate Conversion Tracking in AdWords

Unique IDs can now be assigned using code in the conversion tracking tag to help reduce the issue of double-tracking. This can happen when a customer converts and then refreshes or re-visits the page for any reason, and can skew figures. With this change, advertisers can potentially enjoy more accurate reporting.

Now that you’re all caught up on the digital news for the week, go forth and enjoy your weekend!