Google launched their revamped mobile testing tool

On Tuesday, Google announced the new version of their testing tool is now available, letting webmasters check their site’s mobile-friendliness quickly and easily. Use it directly from or access the tool via Google’s Mobile Usability Report.

Voice search queries are increasingly popular

The next big thing in search seems to be virtual assistants (think Siri and Cortana). Already incorporated into many devices, usage is on the rise, with Google saying 20% of mobile queries are spoken instead of typed.

Just don’t mumble when you’re searching your next appointment location, or you might find yourself in Knockturn Alley!

Publishers can look forward to a real-time indexing API

Google is beta testing a real-time indexing API for super-fast content publishing. While there won’t be a lot of chat about it until the feature is officially rolled out, the beta will be released more widely in the coming months.

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