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Title: Google Tag Manager Solutions Guide

Summary: This month, Google announced the launch of the Google Tag Manager Solutions Guide. This new section in the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Help Centres walks us through a step-by-step guide for implementing Google Analytics, AdWords, DoubleClick, and other third party tags via Google Tag Manager.

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Title: Facebook’s Hello App is Another Step Towards Local Search

Summary: On Wednesday, Facebook began testing its new app ‘Hello’, thereby adding to its portfolio of search functionalities. ‘Hello’ allows users to search for people and businesses by name or category. The results show basic details including name, birthday, and phone number. For local business listings, the app also displays trading hours, business location and more; however, many of these listings are currently incomplete. Once you’ve found a contact you’d like to get in touch with, ‘Hello’ allows users to call, save the contact, or get directions to them using Google Maps. We look forward to Facebook tightening the screws on this number!

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Title: Google “Mobilegeddon” has Officially Arrived

Summary: Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm that was first announced back in February this year started rolling out on April 21st. The first couple of days of the rollout hasn’t been as dramatic as what most SEOs expected. With the information provided from Google, it was expected that on this date, all websites that were not mobile-friendly would disappear from mobile search results. It could be a slow rollout of the algorithm or it may not be as aggressive as first thought. We’ll find out more in the coming weeks.

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Title: Google now shows Emoji Characters on Desktop Results but doesn’t let you search by them like Bing

Summary: Google is showing emoji characters in full colour in desktop search results, giving web pages more visibility in search results. It has been working in mobiles searches since 2012 but only recently showed up on desktop searches.

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Title: Mobile Ad Spend now a Larger Piece of the Pie

Summary: Total mobile ad spend is now ahead of outdoor, magazine and metro radio ad spend as mobile usage and revenues continue to rise. Results from the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s 3rd Annual Mobile Landscape Study found that 41% of marketers now see mobile advertising as a significant part of their marketing and plan to use it in half of their campaigns. Moving forward, mobile spend over the next 12 months is expected to increase by 26% as demand for native and in-app advertising continues to grow.

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Title: The App that will Delete your Humiliating Posts on Social Media

Summary: A new app called ‘Clear’ can help you to banish your humiliating images, statuses or posts on social media. How does it do this? The app connects with your social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and examines your history, before highlighting potentially inappropriate content. To distinguish this content, Clear employs a combination of algorithsm and IBM’s supercomputer ‘Watson’ to filter material. Watson uses sentiment analysis, flagging posts with language it deems to be negative. Users are then provided with a score, based on how much content is flagged. Nothing is actually deleted – the user is left to review and remove any potential offensive content – but the app simplifies the process.

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