Here is the latest Industry Wrap-up from Search Factory. In case you didn’t know, every Friday we release a summary post with all of the latest and greatest news of the last week in digital marketing. This includes SEM, SEO and social media marketing. If you have any other news you’d like to share, make sure you leave a comment!


Title: Is this the End of Call Extensions?

Google has launched call only ads for AdWords. These ads will show your business phone number within the ad and when clicked, result in a call. Unlike mobile preference ads, however, this ad format will not allow users to click through to your website.

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Title: Google Allowing Promotion of Gaming Ads

Good news for casino games – Google is loosening its restrictions on gaming ads. The search giant announced that it will start beta testing casino game ads in AdWords sometime around March.

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Title: Rich Answers Are Now Displaying 19.45% of Queries in Google

Google has made a huge investment in developing rich answers in search, and changes keep happening all the time. The people over at Stone Temple Consulting performed an in-depth look at 850,000 search queries and found that 19.45% trigger rich answers. The study wasn’t randomised and was aimed to trigger these queries.

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Title: Google Testing A Red “Slow” Label In Mobile Search Results For Slower Sites

If your website is unusually slow, be prepared to see red ‘Slow’ labels in the mobile search results. The label is going to warn the user prior to clicking, which could significantly reduce traffic to the website regardless of where you sit in search results. This is just one of the many experiments Google is testing at the moment.

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Title: Facebook Introduces Ad Manger App

Facebook announced this week that they are introducing Ad Manager app, a new way for businesses to manage their ad campaigns on the go via their mobile.  Using the app, marketers can track ad performance, edit existing ads, edit ad budgets and schedules, receive push notification and create ads.

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Title: YouTube makes a move against brand-sponsored videos

YouTube has quietly amended its ad policies to block ‘graphical title cards’ from sponsors aiming to promote their brands and products on YouTube channels, according to a revised FAQ document in YouTube’s help and support section. Video overlays of sponsor logos and product branding are no longer allowed — unless the sponsor pays Google to advertise on that channel. Paul Kontonis, executive director of the Global Online Video Association, framed it as an explicit change that prevents YouTube stars and multichannel networks from working prominent sponsor logos and images into their videos without handing Google a cut of the revenue.

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