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Title: AdWords Deletes Ads that have been Removed for More than 100 Days and had No Impressions

Summary: Spring may be months away, but AdWords is already undergoing a thorough cleaning. Starting the week of March 23 2015, AdWords will simplify accounts by deleting ads that have never accrued any impressions and have been removed for more than 100 days. Once these ads have been deleted, advertisers will no longer be able to see or access them within their accounts. Removing these unused ads may potentionally speed up the AdWords experience.

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Title: AdWords Is Improving Tracking URL Management

Summary: Starting from July 1st 2015, AdWords will be improving URL management to make it easier for advertisers to track their ads. URLs will need to follow the new ‘Upgraded URLs’ structure, and destination URLs will be replaced with the new fields.

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Title: You Have Until April 19th to ‘Mobilise’ Your Website

Summary: Google has announced that from April 19 their quality guidelines surrounding ‘mobile-friendly factors’ will be incorporated into their mobile search algorithm. This means that if your site is not mobile friendly you may no longer rank well in mobile search results. When you consider that in early 2014, mobile overtook desktop for internet use, the ramifications of not being mobile friendly could be significant.

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Title: Getcha Facts Straight Mate

Summary: A team of scientists at Google recently published a research paper exploring the use of Knowledge Based Trust as an alternative method of determining the quality of a web page by analysing how factually correct they are. Reportedly, the early trials have returned encouraging results; however, as millions of websites don’t exist to share factual information, this new approach is expected only to provide an additional ranking signal, rather than being a replacement.

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Title: Instagram Starts Letting Ads Be Clickable

Summary: For the first time, Instagram will start showing clickable links in its new multi-photo carousel ads. The carousel ads are a new addition to the app and let you swipe through four branded images in a sequence. The clickable links will open a URL in an internal browser within the app that allows you to jump back to your Instagram feed with a tap of the top bar.

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Title: Tinder Launches Premium Service that Costs Twice as much for People over 30

Summary: The dating app Tinder is officially launching its suite of premium features, the cost of which varies based on how old you are. In the U.S., users under 30 will pay $9.99 per month, while those 30 and older will pay $19.99 for the same service. Tinder says its decision to price the premium features differently for different age groups is no different than pricing models used by other services that try to lure younger users with cheaper prices.

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