After a short working week, we have a wrap-up of the week in web news. Every Friday we give you the need-to-know news picks across SEM, SEO, social media and digital marketing news.


Title: YouTube Ads Get Update to Boost Interaction

Summary: To increase viewer interaction on its skippable video ads, YouTube is introducing ‘cards’ for In-Stream videos. Cards will give brands the options of including additional calls to action and display as an overlay on the right side of the ad.

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Title: Bing Adds Upgraded URL Support

Summary: To support AdWords new rollout of upgraded URLs, Bing is adding support for the new tracking parameter feature to ensure a smooth process when migrating campaigns from AdWords.

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Title: Google: Penguin & Panda Still Require Manual Data Pushes

Summary: John Mueller was quoted in a Webmaster Hangout on 7 April 2015 saying that Panda and Penguin are not regularly updated and still require manual pushes. The last Panda update (4.1) was rolled out around October 24, 2014 (5 months ago) and several updates were tracked for Penguin through December 6, 2015 (4 months ago). The time between previous Panda updates was 5 months and for Penguin this was 12 months! While no one has concrete information on Google’s update schedule, Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable, along with many other SEOs, suspects Google to be working on updates for its Penguin and Panda updates at the moment. Make sure you’re prepared for another update soon!

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Title: Yahoo Testing Non-Bing Provided Search Results?

Summary: Business Insider reported Yahoo serving search results without the “provided by Bing” logo, but the search results did match what Bing would have provided. Yahoo have signed a 30 day extension on their “Search Alliance” deal, which will see Bing provide search results through to the end of April. During the tenure of Microsoft providing search results for Yahoo from 2010, their Yahoo’s market share has decreased, with Bing overtaking it as the #2 search provider. Could Yahoo be planning on returning to independently providing its search results or are they simply waiting on a revised deal from Microsoft for its paid and organic search results? We’ll likely find out in May!

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Title: Facebook have rolled out a web version of their Messenger.

Summary: The web version of Messenger was rolled out this week to accommodate users who want to focus solely on messaging. There is no need to worry about the existing web based messaging system though – Facebook have no plans to remove the messaging functions from its website as it did for its mobile apps last year.

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Title: The digital industry celebrated CRO day this week!

Summary: On April 9, thousands of online marketers gathered online to participate in a marathon of data-informed marketing. The day consisted of 24+ hours worth of exciting free webinars, Hangouts, Twitter chars and in person meetups. Search for takeaways, recorded sessions and other materials on the #CRODAY hashtag.

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