AdWords updates, slow to load warning labels, verified Pinterest accounts and more. Catch up with this week’s highlights in the digital space!


TrueView & AdWords for Video are Merging into the Main Google AdWords Frontend

It’s time to update your AdWords Editor. From the end of June, version 10.6 or older will no longer be supported. From the 1st of July, advertisers will need to use AdWords Editor 11 to ensure ongoing functionality of this software. Get upgrading now!

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Reminder: AdWords Upgraded URLs Deadline is the 1st July

The deadline for transitioning to Ugraded URLs is edging closer. If you’re using any kind of tracking (including UTM sourcing) in your destination URLs, these will need to be upgraded to the new URL format. Google has announced the deadline to finalise this is July 1st, before automatic updates are made.

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Google Drops the Thumbtack Link Penalty

Google has backtracked on the link penalty it has given Thumbtack just a week after it was given. Thumbtack is now back and ranking as well as ever, which is causing some SEOs to consider it to be unfair. Most manual penalty recoveries will take months to recover from, so you can see why there is much disapproval. Thumbtack is funded and financed by Google, which makes you wonder if this had an influence.

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Google to test ‘Slow to load’ warning labels on mobile devices

Google is experimenting again, this time with ‘slow to load’ warning labels for mobile searches. Google initially tested this concept back in February where red slow labels were used on mobile searching devices. It seems this has come back, with warnings being placed in the SERPs next to the listings.

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Pinterest to Add Verified Accounts

Pinterest is rolling out a number of new tweaks in the coming weeks to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. New search functions will be added to narrow down user searches and display trending topics on a new interface. The update will also verify high-profile Pinterest accounts, making it easier for users to plan a wedding, shop online, get DIY inspiration and find Nutella recipes from trusted, legitimate accounts. Verified users will see a red check on their profiles; however, at this stage, Pinterest is not accepting applications for verification from brands.

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Twitter’s Project Lightning will put a Curated Spin on Live News Events

Twitter is working on a project called Project Lightning, which is a feature that allows users to view various events taking place that people are tweeting about through a collection of images and videos. Twitter will aim to curate seven to ten of these events daily. The company plans to open up the curation tool for organisations so that they can create their own unique experience, combining tweets with images and videos for their followers.

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