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Bing Ads Now Allow Advertisers to Use Automated Rules

Bing Ads has launched automated rules, allowing Bing advertisers to manage all levels of their accounts. This update is now available through their online interface, giving users the opportunity to create automated rules, including enabling and pausing, changing bids and budgets, and raising to estimate top of page or first page bids on a campaign, ad group, keyword and ad level.

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Updates to YouTube Brand Lift Insights

Google has introduced new measurements to YouTube’s Brand Lift video insight product that will give advertisers a better look into how their ads affect viewers throughout the purchase funnel. Brand Lift will now provide data around brand awareness, brand consideration, brand favourability, and intent to purchase.

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Yahoo Maps Hits a Dead End, Shutting Down End of this Month

There have been many changes to Yahoo’s products and services; however, the biggest surprise is the company taking down Yahoo Maps at the end of this month (June)after a full eight years. They will still show mapping within their service, but it won’t be powered off their own mapping services.

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Google Panda Update Coming in Upcoming Weeks

On the 2nd of June, Gary Illyes said webmasters should expect a Panda update in the coming weeks. It is only a data refresh and not an algorithmic change. Sites that have been suffering from the previous update may see a recovery; however, not all sites will.

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Buyable Pins

This week, Pinterest announced that users in the U.S will soon be able to buy over 2 million products straight from their Pinterest feed on iPhone or iPad (Android and desktop users will have access in future releases). Buyable pins will be marked with a blue ‘buy it’ icon next to the ‘pin it’ button and when clicked, the sale is processed seamlessly. Businesses will be able to introduce buyable pins through online commerce platforms such as Shopify and Demandware, but will continue to handle the shipping and customer service once the sale has been processed.

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Facebook is Testing “Saved Replies” to Help Pages Manage Customer Service Messages

Facebook is testing a new function to allow pages to create, save and send canned responses to users. The company is currently testing this feature with a selected groups of businesses. It works like an email program, allowing page admins to set up placeholders to personalise responses. They can also create new replies and save them for later use.

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