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Bing’s Native Ads is Easier to Use

A recent update to Bing Ads Editor means it is now even easier for managers (in the US, so calm down Australians) to use the Native Ads feature. The update lets you quickly make bid adjustments to campaigns and ad groups directly in BAE. A gradual rollout means we may be waiting a while for it to hit our screens, but that’s ok – it will hopefully be worth the wait.

Google Brings a Little Extra Something to Desktop Image Searches

We can all use some more colour in our lives, right? Google is doing us all a favour with their brighter version of image search results pages. You may have noticed the filter options at the top of your search results – some people now have those in beautiful rainbow button form. If you’re one of those people, we don’t hate you at all (it’s not like we wanted those colours anyway).

All About Dat Live Video

If you love live video then it’s your lucky week. Facebook has announced that live videos will be ranked separately to pre-recorded video, with priority being given to live in your News Feed. That’s all down to the fact people spend more than 3 times longer watching live video than other videos, indicating a user preference. It will be interesting to see if it remains the case as live video becomes accessible to more users around the world.

Speaking of Video…

Snapchat just announced they have now reached 8 billion daily video views, putting it on par with Facebook’s most recently disclosed stats despite a smaller user base. Massive!