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Title: Amazon Launches a New Advertising Platform for Mobile App Developers

Summary: Amazon is getting in on the action, announcing the release of their new advertising platform yesterday morning. The platform allows Amazon mobile app developers to market their apps across the Amazon Mobile Ad Network and on Fire tablet wake screens. Campaigns start from $100.

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Title: AdWords Editor 11 Adds More Functionality

Summary: In its most recent update, AdWords Editor 11 added support for several more features including upgraded URLs, labels, call-only ads, mobile app ads, display targeting and more.

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Title: User Experience is Only a Ranking Signal For Mobile Results, Not Desktop Results

Summary: The bulk of the Google mobile friendly algorithm is how a web page renders on a mobile phone. User experience, or UX, is purely about the user experience of your website on a mobile device. A Google representative confirmed UX to be a ranking signal for the mobile friendly algorithm update but not for desktop.

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Title: 70% of Requests for the Right to be Forgotten Have Been Refused

Summary: One year after the law was created only 30% of all overall requests have been accepted. There is a continuous debate about the scope of removals as politicians and regulators throughout Europe want removals to apply throughout Google’s entire index.

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Title: Facebook and BuzzFeed Collaborate

Summary: This week Facebook announced Instant Articles, a new product that will reduce loading time by 10x by rendering the articles natively in the platform. Not one to miss a beat, BuzzFeed is on board for the product launch of the new platform that will support a good user experience, provide data and insights and has potential to grow native advertising business. Instant Articles is a collaborative project that will launch on Facebook for iPhone with a set of interactive stories published by BuzzFeed, as well as The New York Times, National Geographic, NBC and The Atlantic.

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Title: YouTube “How To” Video Searches Up 70%

Summary: Youtube has released its most recent statistics that shows a 70% year on year increase on searches for ‘how-to’ videos. Since January this year, North American users have viewed more than 100 million hours on how-to videos on this social platform. YouTube found its most popular “how-to” searches are related to home-improvement, beauty and cooking videos.

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