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TrueView for Shopping lets Users Buy Products Straight from YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are stepping it up a notch with TrueView for Shopping. TrueView now uses the same advertising technology as Google Shopping, allowing advertisers to overlay Google Shopping ads on their YouTube ads. TrueView for Shopping pulls information straight from the Merchant Centre Feed, allowing advertisers to dynamically add products to their in-stream videos. The greater emphasis on shopping is expected to make YouTube ads much more effective. TrueView for Shopping is currently available by contacting your Google account manager. It is scheduled to rollout into the buying front-end in the coming months.

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Google Adds “Nearby Business” Mobile Ad Format For Location-Related Searches

On Thursday, another update to Mobile Ad formats was announced by Google. Location-related searches on mobiles can now display three nearby paid business listings. Each listing includes the user’s current distance from the business, directions to the business, and a call button. To show on mobiles, advertisers must enable location extensions.

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Google Webmaster Tools Rebrands To Google Search Console

In an attempt to get more users, Google are renaming Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console. This is because the tool is not just for webmasters. It’s for marketers, programmers, designers and everyone else. Nothing else has changed, however Google always updates new features to its tools.

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Google Are Trying To Update The Data For Panda & Penguin Faster

Google has admitted that it has been months since a Google or Panda refresh has been made. Restless webmasters are hoping for a refresh soon as those who have hit by the algorithmic penalties cannot recover until data is refreshed.

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Swipe Right For Zedd

Tinder is launching a new partnership with Zedd in a move to connect users of the mobile matchmaking app to exclusive offers and ‘cool’ people. The partnership will give Tinder users access to Zedd’s upcoming album True Colors for a special price of $3.99 when they swipe right on Zedd. This new partnership comes as Tinder continues to venture into advertising collaborations amidst the launch of Tinder Plus, a premium product.

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Apple amping up maps to compete with Google

Apple has just boosted its location and mapping capabilities with its acquisition of a GPS software company called Coherent Navigation. Apple Maps have casued issues with users at launch with its inaccuracies. On the other hand, its main rival Google Maps also updated to recommend related search results as part of its mapping features.

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