Adword’s is one of the most measurable forms of online advertising for business. It allows you to quantify the value that your campaigns are generating for your brand with the ability to track exactly where your online conversions are coming from. However, when it comes to tracking conversions that are not recorded online, such as phone calls, data is often transparent.

While there are third parties out there that can help with tracking calls through your AdWords campaigns, they often come with additional set up and management costs on top of your campaign click spend. But that’s now about to change. Google has introduced Call Forwarding in Australia and the best part is – it is free!

What is Call Forwarding?

Google Call Forwarding allows you to set up call extensions across your Adwords campaigns using a unique phone number supplied by Google. This number will forward calls to your selected business, mobile or land-line number.

A key benefit of using Call Forwarding is that you will have access to reports on call duration, when the call occurred and whether it was answered or not. In terms of metrics, you will be able to see which specific campaigns, keywords and ad text generated the call, as well as cost per conversion and conversion rate figures. This provides valuable insight into where you should be increasing bids and budgets across your campaigns to further boost your ROI. More importantly, it helps further quantify the overall impact that Adwords is generating for your brand and provides additional information on user behavior.

How Do I Get Call Forwarding?

If you business relies heavily on phone calls as a primary source of enquiries, then you should be taking advantage of Google call forwarding across your campaigns right away. It’s easy to set up – Simply navigate to your ‘Extensions Tab’ and select ‘Call Extensions’. When setting up your call extensions, be sure to select ‘Australia’ as your country and select the option for Google call forwarding – And you’re done!