Welcome to Search Factory’s Weekly Wrap-up. Every Friday we release a summary post of all that is recent and newsworthy in the world of digital marketing – including SEM, SEO and social media marketing. Here is the latest from around the web collected by the Search Factory staff.


Google expands dynamic re-marketing verticals – To the joy of many advertisers, Google has announced that it will be rolling out dynamic re-marketing to a number of new verticals, including hotels, flights, real estate, classifieds, jobs, auto, finance and education. {See: http://bit.ly/1vgKqhf}

Google announces ad customizers – Google has introduced ad customizers, allowing advertisers to update and create ads at scale. This feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks. {See: http://bit.ly/1pvfypI}


Penguin 3.0 may hit as early as next week – Whilst it will happen in America first and then gradually roll out elsewhere (as is the norm), Google’s own webmaster Trends Analyst and Search Quality Engineer Gary Illyes has announced that if it passes the testing phase in time, Penguin 3.0 could roll out as early as next week. He also said that this update would actually make life a little easier for webmasters and users alike, so it will be interesting to see what happens! {See: http://selnd.com/YUQd1e}

Google caught in the crossfire of celebrity hacking scandal – A lawyer representing over a dozen female celebrities who fell victim to the iCloud hacking incident is asserting that Google is responsible for policing these images and videos in its search results. The request to remove these images wherever they are found is viewed as in line with a copyright owner requesting their material be taken off YouTube if uploaded illegally. Google are responding in a similar fashion to these requests as they would to a YouTube take-down request and it seems they may actually agree that it is at least partly their responsibility. {See: http://selnd.com/1pKbzEM}


Melbourne domain goes live – The first .melbourne domain went live on 1st October. Melbourne is one of the first cities in the world following London and New York to acquire its own domain name. Instead of internet addresses ending in .au, locals can opt for .melbourne. Individuals, business owners and brands located in Victoria or servicing the state can register a locally relevant .melbourne web address. {See: http://bit.ly/1nSUUoF}

Advertising hits Instagram in Australia – Over the coming weeks, instagram will slowly begin rolling out advertising in Australia. They are starting with just a few businesses that are already big on Instagram to make sure the ads users see are creative and engaging. {See: http://bit.ly/1rRvnfk}

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