Today we were going about our business in the office when we noticed something fishy….

Can you see it?

Basically, while searching for self storage in Mansfield, she noticed that the Local results were showing for Mansfield in the UK!

We’re in Queensland, Australia.

Another SEO Manager saw the same thing, but showing the wrong state when searching for restaurants in South Bank. Upon checking the settings he saw the following:

So the location was set to Australia and there was nothing indicating that either employee was in the area they were seeing results for. Sure, the country was set to ‘Any’, but Google is a hell of a lot smarter than that and definitely knows where you really are via dozens of indicators.

This is not a normal problem and they’ve never been one to require a strange collection of settings that you manually alter in order to get accurate results from their search engine.

We now know that a Pigeon algorithm update rolled out in December (which is directly linked to local listings), so what we’re now wondering is this: could this actually be an error?

Honestly we’re just putting it out there. We’ll leave it up to the wider SEO community to decide for sure, but something sure smells pigeony don’t you think?