From time to time I’d like to do a quick wrap up of news, updates and thoughtful analysis from the Search industry in the week just passed, knowing that life can get hectic and RSS feed and newsletter can sometimes eneded up in archive box. This week I’ve picked up a few insightful pieces that are especially helpful for our clients to get some basic overview of what’s happening in the land of Google.

26 February 2013

Categories: Panda Updates, Google Algorithm Changes

How To Stop The Panic Before Asking “Have I Been Panda Slapped”

27 February 2013

Categories: Local Search, Review Sites

The Place of Review Filters In Local Search

28 February 2013

Categories: Social Media, SEO Tips

Social Signals & Search – Reading The Tea Leaves

28 February 2013

Categories: Social Media, Content Creation, Branding

Social Media Curation Guide