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Title: Bing Ads Let Marketers Preview Bid Changes in Real-Time

Summary: Bing have released a new feature which allows advertisers to preview their bid changes in real time, allowing them to quickly identify how their bid changes will perform and whether or not it will increase their campaign’s performance.

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Title: Bing Ads Reduce Campaign Reporting Lag to 1 Hour

Summary: Bing have been working on refining their Ad Performance and overall platform deliverables. Recently, they have announced that Click and Impression Reporting data is now available up to the previous hour. Previously, there used to be a four-hour lag in the reporting.

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Title: Google Rumored to Be Planning Wireless Service

Summary:   Google is reportedly attempting to launch its own mobile network and is seeking to become a mobile virtual network operator. Google will most likely sell plans and data in a bundle when the company’s Nexus smartphone launches. Entering the mobile business, they will force wireless carriers to offer better services or lower prices to consumers.

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Title: Google Analytics Rolling Out ‘Trash Can’ Feature To Help Users Recover Deleted Data

Summary: Google Analytics announced a new ‘trash can’ feature that will help users regain any views, properties or accounts that have been deleted in the last 35 days. It will be rolling out over the next few weeks, and any data deleted today can be recovered once an account is updated.

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Title: Pinterest is looking to expand its search functionality in an attempt to make the site more appealing to males.

Summary: In order to better reach the male population, Pinterest will begin making some subtle changes to search functionality and include more male dominated topics. For example, in the food/cooking category, Pinterest will start displaying more results for items such as tacos and pizzas alongside baked goods and family meals.

But it seems they have a tough task ahead – approximately 71 percent of Pinterest’s 72.5 million visitors in the month of December 2014 were female.

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Title: Amazon to take on Google and Microsoft by offering corporate email

Summary: Amazon plans to dive into the world of corporate email by launching a product called WorkMail, a $4-per-month, per-user secure-email solution for business users, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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