Welcome to this week’s digital industry wrap up! It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, so because we love you, we decided to give this to you. What is the digital industry wrap up you ask? Each week, our teams pull together the news in SEO, SEM, Social and general digital. We then share it with you!


Title: AdWords Scripts Bulks Up With Bulk File Uploads Summary: Google Adwords recently announced a new ability to perform bulk changes to your account through uploading data in CSV format. This means you can apply a number of changes to your MCC without having to write the individual Adwords script or log into each account you manage. Using the bulk upload feature and a simple spreadsheet, you can upload offline conversions to your account. You can also create, edit or delete campaigns, ad group criteria, ads and product groups. To learn more, click here!


Title: Google Introduces Rich Medical Content Into Knowledge Graph Summary: Even though 1 in 20 Google searches are for health-related issues and basic information, most of the information provided to us are from either incomplete or untrustworthy sources. To combat this, Google has tapped doctors, medical illustrators and the Mayo Clinic to develop in-depth information for more than 400 health and medical conditions. This will only be available for the U.S. market for the meantime; however, they hope to make the information available outside the US and increase the number of conditions. To learn more, click here!  Title: Facebook Can Now Track Online Searches Out of App Summary: The latest update in Facebook’s privacy policy is that it can now track your online movement. The new policy will allow the website to retrieve data on pages you visit on Facebook as well as browsing on the internet. Facebook has come back and said that this is a good thing and will only improve your user experience by showing you relevant ads. To learn more, click here!


Title: Amazon will let Bloggers and Brands Host their own Giveaways Summary: Amazon is launching a new self-service tool next Tuesday called ‘Amazon Giveaway’ that will let individuals and brands host their own giveaways. The program offers a simple, three-step sign-up process and eligible prize items are shipped and sold by Amazon. The word ‘giveaway’ is used more than a million times a day on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, so Amazon are confident the tool will be a success.

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Title: Twitter Acquires Niche, a Talent Agency for Social Media Stars
Summary: Twitter has agreed to acquire Niche, a start-up that facilitates advertising deals for social media stars. Launched in 2013, Niche bills itself as a social media talent agency. It scours services like YouTube and Vine for breakout stars and signs them to mainstream media deals. According to a report from last year, Niche works with advertisers such as Gap, American Eagle, the NFL, Proctor & Gamble, and Warner Bros. Plus, it provides tools that helps stars use popular social services—and track their fanbase.

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