Welcome to this week’s digital wrap-up. Here are this week’s nuggets of news gold across SEM, SEO, social media and general marketing.


Title: Easier Reporting for Multiple Campaign Types

Summary: Google has announced that over the next few weeks, we’ll be seeing a roll out of the new Campaign Type Selector. The type selector lets users sort campaigns by All, Search, Display and Shopping. The selector will also preserve column sets based on your types, saving the time-consuming task of column selection when reporting.

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Title: Google Speeds up AdWords Conversion Tracking Tags with Code Snippets

Summary: On Wednesday, Google announced the addition of a new code snippet that will make checking the status of AdWords conversion tracking tags faster. AdWords will now notify you within 30-60 minutes whether the AdWords conversion tracking tags are valid. A new column named ‘Tracking Status’ is now available within AdWords. It shows why your tag is invalid by displaying timestamps for the conversion tag set-up process.

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Title: Google Replaces a Site’s URL from the Search Results and uses Their Site Name and Breadcrumb Path

Summary: Google have announced that they’ve begun replacing URLs in snippets with just the brand name and breadcrumb trail. It has been tested over the past few years, so this won’t be too uncommon for searchers to see. It will give webmasters a better way to communicate the site name and breadcrumb data through structured data schema.

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Title: Bing Image Search adds Bubbles to Improve the Mobile Search Experience

Summary: Similar to the Pinterest search, Bing has adopted turning keywords into ‘bubbles’ or intelligent grouping. This allows the searchers to pivot their search around an entity to expand your search to new topics. This is available for English language markets in mobile browsers on android and iPhone devices.

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Title: Hootsuite and Tagboard have partnered up on social TV

Summary: In a bid to help users discover, curate and showcase social posts on a variety of sourcing networks, Hootsuite and Tagboard have combined forces. Hootsuite users will now be able to search and find social posts within their Hootsuite dashboard, and send the posts to Tagboard-powered displays on air, through live screen or online.

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Title: Tinder Just Got a Whole Lot More Visual

Summary: Tinder announced this week that you can now link your Instagram account to your Tinder profile. Public and Private Instagram users who choose to integrate their gram profile will be able to display their 34 most recent photos. Let’s hope your Insta game is on point!

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