If your office is anything like ours, Friday afternoon means long lunches, finished projects and compulsory fun time (best workplace ever). But of course, you can’t forget the weekly wrap-up! Here’s three 3 things that happened in the world of digital over the past 7 days.

Google is Warning You

Ahead of the Google’s mobile-focused algorithm change next month, the search engine has started handing out warnings to site owners whose websites are not mobile-friendly. If Google knows who the owner of a particular site is, they have been altering the results when the owner googles their own page. The snippet (shown under the result) has been altered to include a pleasant, yet to-the-point message – “Your page is not mobile-friendly” – as well as a link to a Google help page. While this is only shown to a site’s owner, it’s a planned experiment from Google to see if they can cause more pages to become mobile-friendly. You’ve been warned.

You Can Now Tell Google What You Really Think

Everyone, rejoice! Google has subtly changed its Google Maps interface so that users don’t have to have a Google+ account to leave reviews on local businesses anymore. In a world where everyone is short of time (and no one can remember passwords) this will hopefully take the confusion out of the process and encourage more people to leave reviews. So please, tell us what you think of that new Instagram-worthy dessert place!

Facebook Goes Live

If you caught up on last week’s news, you may remember the importance of video as a medium for engaging consumers. And it looks like social media is really clueing in – Facebook has announced that its Facebook Live program will be getting a new set of features and appearing front and centre on the site’s app. Sort of like Periscope, Facebook Live is a video platform where you can share live footage to select groups, friends or events. The Facebook app will now feature a Facebook Live tab right next to your Newsfeed (replacing the Messages button) so you can easily access the platform. They have also introduced Reactions to Facebook Live so you can tell your friends how you feel as it happens. There’s a bevy of other features (read more about them here) but we just can’t wait to see how competitors such as Snapchat and Twitter respond (and how much our monthly data usage increases).

That’s all there is, there isn’t any more!