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Snapchat Got a New Look

Snapchatters rejoice! This week the red-hot messaging app revamped its aesthetic with a new look that more readily integrates its Discover section with regular snaps from your buddies (ie. all of the Kardashians). The update sees the Discover section become much more prominent, adding images to the stories posted by media outlets and introducing a section for your subscriptions underneath recent updates. This is an effort to make the advertisements more enticing to the 150 million people that use Snapchat daily. Coming to a screen near you!

Scrolling Down the Street on Google Maps

Google Maps is updating its Street View navigation so that users can scroll through more easily. While we used to have to use that arrow to jump through different spots on the street, Search Engine Land’s Contributing Editor Greg Sterling accidentally discovered Google is replacing the arrow with a smooth blue navigation line. While only available on Google Maps for the iPhone, Sterling predicts this will be available on all platforms soon. He said, “it’s easier and more fun to use”, but we all know that you only use the function to check if you’re in the photo of your house.

Google Adds (More) Filters

From one area of Google to another, this week Google has started testing filter buttons for its shopping ads. Digital marketing agency Merkle RKG spotted the new feature this week after it popped up on a search for Keurig coffee makers. While only available on searches that don’t include any adjectives, the new filters allow consumers to sort results by ratings, price and whether or not a product is available in a store nearby. This will create a smoother shopping experience for customers and attract more visitors to Google shopping pages – everybody wins!

Apple Jumps on the Paid-Search Bandwagon

This week Apple announced that it will be introducing paid-for search ads in the App Store that will follow a similar model to Google’s Adwords. The statement released by Apple indicates that iOS developers will soon be able to promote their app within the App Store so that customers can easily discover relevant apps when searching. Apple will also release a new subscription service that allows developers to take a larger section of revenue the longer they stay with Apple. Read Apple’s statement here, or check out this article for more insight!

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