Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! The digital wrap-up has been given a new timeslot of Monday afternoon, starting your week in the best possible way with succinct summaries and hilarious commentary on the internet’s top news. Let’s do this!

Google Goes Green

This week Google has confirmed that the colour of its ‘Ad’ labels under paid results will change from yellow to green. While some users have already been seeing the new look in recent months, Google announced that they will roll out the green labels to all devices globally thanks to positive feedback during the test stage. The update doesn’t actually affect anything other than the page’s aesthetic, but Google states that the new colour scheme aims to make advertisement labelling clear and prominent.

Microsoft Bought LinkedIn

Hey big spender! Last week it was announced that Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn for a cool US$26.2 billion (approximately AU$35 billion). Many say that the deal was a bid by Microsoft to rejuvenate its brand after being left behind by other technological advancements in recent years, and there are reports that the tech giant hopes to marry its Office suite with the social media network.

Siri is Coming to Mac

As many people predicted, Apple has recently announced that its newest Mac operating system – Sierra – feature will everyone’s favourite digital assistant, Siri. The system update will enable users to voice their queries to Siri and gain information both from the Mac and the web. This is a massive improvement on the current Spotlight system which only searches within the Mac – expect the update later this year!

Facebook Adds Maps

Your location-based local awareness ads are getting a fun new feature – this week Facebook started adding maps to its advertisements. Focusing on mobile devices, the update will add a clickable button to the paid ads in your news feed, linking to your preferred mapping app (that is, Google Maps or Apple Maps). Facebook will then utilise the data gathered from people who use this feature to determine the number of store visits and gauge a physical result from a digital advertisement.

And to round off with a piece of news that will warm even Voldemort’s non-existent heart: this week a Manchester grandmother has been making headlines for her polite Google searches. May Ashworth’s grandson Ben posted a picture of her well-mannered query, “Please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you,” on Twitter and the two have since become an internet sensation. Google even tweeted back with the answer! (It’s 1998, just in case you’re curious).