If you’ve been avoiding social media for fear that the Game of Thrones season finale is going to be ruined for you before you even have the chance to see the opening credits… you’re in luck, because we haven’t seen it yet either! However, we guarantee* that this week’s digital wrap-up will make your excruciatingly long journey home from work that little bit more bearable.

*We cannot actually guarantee this, but we’ll try.

Google is Using RankBrain More

This week we learnt that Google has started utilising the skills of its RankBrain learning system for almost every query processed through the search engine. While Google reportedly only used the system for less than 15% of searches last year, Steven Levy announced that RankBrain has become a key influence on almost every search and has actually influenced results by interpreting searches and refining them to give users the most relevant hits. You can read more about it in Search Engine Land’s FAQs article.

Bing Ads Launches Editor for Mac

After starting work on the program in November, Bing Ads has finally launched an editor for Mac. This frequently requested feature is equal to the existing PC program and so boasts high-processing speed and multiple-account sign-in, as well as a bevy of other useful capabilities such as being able to import campaigns from Google AdWords. All users can sign up to access the beta version right now, and Bing Ads will first accept American testers before rolling out the program to other countries over the next couple of months. Our favourite thing about this, though, is that the official acronym for Bing Ads Editor is BAE.

Doctor Google, Give Me the News!

Google announced this week that it will begin providing direct answers to mobile queries about medical symptoms. Apparently, about 1% of Google’s searches each year are about health-related issues and symptoms, so the search engine has worked with medical experts from Harvard and Mayo Clinic to take away the stress of having to navigate confusing lingo to find an answer. Instead, users will be able to search for the symptoms they’re experiencing, and Google will provide a list of possibly related conditions as well as self-treatment options (if applicable) and whether the user should visit their doctor. This update will exclusively be available on mobile in the USA to start with, but Google says that it plans to expand in the future. Move over WebMD, Doctor Google is in town!

Will Arya cross a name off her list? Are we going to find out what happens at the Tower of Joy? Is Briemund finally going to happen?