Brr, it’s cold in here. There must be some digital in the atmosphere! This week winter officially started in Australia, but we all know that Brisbane will still feel be enjoying warm temperatures for another couple of weeks. As for the rest of Australia? Well, more time indoors means you can fully enjoy the effect of these changes in the digital landscape! Here’s what’s happened in the world of the internet this week:

AdWords’ Renovation is Complete!      

You may remember us mentioning a couple of weeks ago that AdWords was updating its attribution model, and this week Google has finally rolled out the changes to all accounts. The new update allows webmasters to get a deeper understanding of the customer’s journey and see past the last click. You will now be able to see your conversion statistics from different angles so you can choose the best attribution model for your needs and act on it accordingly. You can read more about the update here, or check out AdWords’ Best Practices Guide for further information.

More on AdWords…

It’s all about AdWords! This week we’ve seen AdWords also expand its text ads to have 30-character headlines and 90-character description lines. Anyone who’s used to the 140-character restrictions of Twitter may look down on these numbers, but this update gives webmasters an extra 45 characters to play with as well as a bonus URL path field. In short, it means that messages can be communicated more extensively – the possibilities are endless! There were also a whole heap of other changes announced at Google’s Performance Summit Keynote, but we can’t fit them all into one blog post.

Snapchat Overtook Twitter

Big news! The number of active daily users on Snapchat has officially taken those on Twitter. A study conducted by Bloomberg Technology reports that Snapchat now has 150 million daily users, 40 million more than the figures they recorded in December last year. And while the numbers can only be estimated, Bloomberg indicates that there are about 136 million people who interact with Twitter daily – over 10 million less than Snapchat. When you consider that Snapchat is just 4 years old compared to Twitter’s 10, these new statistics are even more impressive and indicate the industry’s shift towards more visual mediums.

Can we take a moment to talk about the fact that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris just broke up? No? Okay then. Love is dead.