What You Missed Last Week in Digital

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Digital News

Given how fast the digital news cycle moves these days, it’s not always easy keeping pace with the digital marketing industry. There’s no need to stress though; if you’re a little behind with the times, we’ve got you covered. These are some of the big stories to come out of digital recently.


Google Launches the Keyword

Merging 19 of their most popular blogs into one website, Google has replaced their official blog with a brand new platform called the Keyword. Considering that nearly every single Google product used to have its own blog, including Gmail, Chrome, Android, Google Drive, and YouTube, just to name a few, the consolidation makes sense.

The Keyword comes with a range of nifty features, including a section that showcases Google’s latest tweets, the latest company news, as well as a function that allows readers to filter posts by product and topic. Emily Wood, the Keyword’s editor in chief, released a statement saying that Google hoped the blog would “make it easier for people to find news from Google about what we’re up to.”

So, the next time you need any information relating to Google, the Keyword is your best bet.

Algorithm Updates – Penguin and Possum

Google has shaken things up over the past weeks, releasing several algorithm updates. Penguin 4.0 launched in early September, over two years since its last update in 2014. Designed to identify sites that are spamming search results, the latest version of Penguin forms a part of Google’s core algorithm, and operates on a real-time basis. You can find out more about Penguin 4.0 and its potential influence on your website here.


The other update, which has been nicknamed ‘Possum’, is altering the way businesses are filtered in local search results. For more information on Possum and some handy tips on how to protect your website’s visibility in the wake of its release, be sure to check out our blog on this topic.



Bing Gets an Upgrade

This isn’t the most recent news, but thanks to Google stealing all the limelight with their flashy new algorithms and blogging platforms, you might not have heard about the latest updates at Bing. Despite their underdog status, Bing is gradually becoming more competitive, and the latest features to be added to their search app are nothing to sneeze at. They unveiled the changes, which include new music and video options, at the end of August.

When you look for a song in the Bing search engine, soundless music videos will now play directly in search engine results, with lyrics listed below. According to the Android Community website, a New Music page with trending songs and artists will also be featured, making it easier than ever to find song titles. Other features include a function that allows users to add Netflix and Amazon titles to their watch list on any mobile device, and the ability to switch to reading mode on news sites, to make reading the news more enjoyable.

Now that you’re up with the latest industry news, all that’s left to do is wait until next week’s batch of digital news updates. Be sure to tune in.

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