With the rise of mobile device usage, businesses are scrambling to get responsive design implemented or develop mobile compliant websites. As a result, a number of easy-to-implement mobile solutions have popped up such as WordPress plugins, Duda Mobile and more.

While looking through the Webjet site recently, I noticed that beyond the first page, they have no brand mention or logo, which as part of a website we all strongly believe is key to ensuring brand presence and recognition. So it led me to wonder how many brands out there are running mobile versions of their website that lose their brand and brand message? I’m sure there’s loads of them. A few examples of good and bad mobile branding can be seen below:

Websites that have lost their mobile brand:

The above examples come from Webjet and Problogger.net. Both sites have a large presence in their respective niches and strong branded desktop websites, however when it comes to mobile, there is little branding or brand messaging present.

Websites doing a good job of mobile site branding:

The two mobile sites above are in the same verticals as the previous examples, but you can see the difference in branding with the simple addition of a small header logo. Both Flight Centre and Mashable have clearly invested a little more into ensuring their mobile design has a little more substance than the others and it can be seen, especially side by side.

So what do you need to do?

It’s quite simple actually. If you’re working for or own a website yourself, firstly you need to visit your site via mobile and see what it looks like. If you do have a mobile website or responsive design, then check your site to be sure that your brand logo or website name is present on all or most of your pages. If not, you need to find a solution. Change the tool you’re using to convert your site to mobile, ask your web developer to add a header banner in, whichever action suits your situation, don’t miss a chance to showcase your brand, particularly for those that have visited your website, they are potentially your most loyal new (or existing) customers!