Each week a member of our team shares their knowledge on something in the digital world to the rest of the team. This is something that Search Factory has been doing since it’s beginning and we thought it was about time that we shared our amazing team and their great knowledge with you.

This week at Search Factory’s Getting Smarter session, we are covering ways to improve a website’s speed. Google has stated that Site Speed plays an important part in its ranking factor, as it’s a user experience signal. This is relevant for both SEO and SEM alike.

Waiting a long time in a queue for a restaurant, ATM, bank etc. causes people to sometimes get frustrated, angry and move on to the next available one. This is no different to waiting for a website to load, hence why it would be deemed as a bad user experience in Google’s eyes. In turn, this is why it is critically important to have a decent site speed to serve your end users.

Most notably, it affects your bottom line. With examples such as Amazon and Walmart in mind, our discussion takes a look at how decreasing loading times can increase a company’s overall profit margin significantly.

The agenda of the slides and video covers the following:

  • What is Site Speed?
  • Why is Site Speed Important?
  • The Stats
  • What Causes your Page to Load Slowly?
  • Improving Site Speed
  • Tools to Use

Make sure you watch the video above for more information or view the slides below. Search Factory often produces reports and provides recommendations for our clients on what needs to be done to achieve an improved Site Speed, as it directly affects the performance of our SEO & SEM results. Please contact us today to find out more.