It’s a big day in the search engine world, with the launch of Google +1. In a true effort to create ‘social search results’, the +1 button will take into account the actions of your friends or connections in order to deliver their recommendations directly to organic search.

How does Google +1 work?

Webmasters and site owners will add Google +1 to their websites in the same way that you now see Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons. The buttons will also begin to display alongside search results, which will give users the chance to ‘+1’ websites they like.

As your friends start to click the buttons, when logged in to your Google account, you’ll begin to see search results with friends recommendations on them like the below image. These results will slowly become more prominent and outweigh the current organic results as part of the algorithm.
After Google’s first fail in the social space with Google Buzz, it will be interesting to see how this one takes off. Regardless of whether it is a success or a failure, this day marks a big change in the history of search and its movement towards the integration of social sharing and personalised results. I guess it’s up to us as Google users and consumers to decide whether we’re going to start clicking.