Google have made their latest PageRank (PR) update, confirmed to be on the 27th June 2011. So as webmasters, marketers and site owners, it’s time to do some checks! Firstly, check your homepage PR. Hopefully your PR has gone up or stayed the same. If your PageRank has gone down since the last update, it’s time to have a look at the links coming to your site and why it may have decreased over the last 6 months. Have you received less link volume? Lower quality of links?

The other thing that is important to check is the PageRank on individual pages. If your internal linking is structured correctly and your link building activities are natural, your homepage should be the highest PR page on your site. In some cases it won’t be, so have a look at your link building strategy and the high PR pages to determine whether it looks natural. Maybe it’s a big promotion that you did that is outranking the home page. In this case, it might not be so bad.

Either way, as PageRank updates go, some people will start charging more for advertising, others might be forced to drop their prices. So keep this in mind when looking at the PageRank of someone you may have been negotiating some advertising placements with. It could be a good bargaining tool!