Link building for SEO is a time-consuming, resource heavy activity which is why many businesses choose to outsource this function of their search engine optimisation activities.

Search engines themselves can be one of the most useful tools when it comes to prospecting for backlinks. Searching generic, related terms however can be a tedious and painful process. Sifting through endless results to find potential link partners can be much easier and more efficient should you understand advanced search queries.

Advanced search queries offer you a way to manipulate results in order to qualify sites that fit the query parameters. I’ve provided some of the most easy-to-use advanced search queries that you should begin using in order to improve your link building efficiency.

If you so desire, you can read the definition of search query characters in Google Help.

5 Useful Advanced Search Queries:

  1. Finding websites that accept article submissions – “submit * post”, “submit * article”
  2. Websites that accept article submissions on your specific topic – “submit * post” topic, “submit * article” topic
  3. If you have a strong brand, find websites that are already talking about your brand and ask for a link. Exclude your own site – “yourbrand” -yoursite
  4. Find links from specific types of domains on your topic. Good if you’re prospecting for high quality links – topic site:domaintype
  5. Websites that link to recommended sites on your topic – topic “recommended sites”

If you use your imagination, there’s plenty of variations on the above queries you can use such as switching “recommended sites” for “recommended links”. Start using the above when searching for potential link partners and you are bound to improve your link building efficiency.