Earlier this year Nic wrote a post on “4 Awesome Tips for Google Local SEO” where he explained how to setup a Google Local listing.

Another great place to list your business is Yelp.

Yelp has been around in the US since 2005 and has grown its user base to become a large community providing reviews on local businesses. Yelp went live in Australia in November 2011 and has become particularly important for targeting iPhone users as Yelp content was integrated into Apple devices with the release of iOS 6 in September 2012.

So follow these steps to setup your Yelp business listing (The following instructions are for Australian businesses to setup their listing on Yelp):

Setting Up Your Yelp Listing

Step 1

Login to https://biz.yelp.com.au/ and click on “Create your free account now”.

The next step is to check if you already have a pre-existing listing on Yelp that you can claim.

Step 2

Type in your business name and city where you are located and click “Search”.

The search result will show you any existing listings that you can claim. If you don’t have a listing then you can click “Add your business to Yelp”.

Step 3

Enter your business details on the next page and select relevant categories.

Step 4

After you have entered all your business details and email click “Add”. A verification email will be sent to the email address you entered.

Once that is done you will see this message:

As the listing we created here is a new listing, it will be verified by Yelp before we can create our business account.

Click the confirmation email and after a day or so if you go back and repeat the search in step 2 your listing should be shown…

Yay our listing is there but unavailable???

As the listing is still new we will need to wait a bit longer for Yelp to verify the details we submitted before we can claim the listing and create our business account.

The next part is claiming our Business Listing which I explain in How to Get Your Business Listing on Yelp (Part 2).