Google is currently in beta testing phase, like it often is, for a new-look search engine results page. This time, they’re looking to make some usability enhancements which by the looks of things won’t be so good for an SEO. The new design incorporates much larger spacing between organic results and Adwords ads. The screenshot to the right, sourced from SEOBook, demonstrate just what I’m talking about.

As you can see, for an SEO, this is definitely going to have a negative impact on click-through-rates for organic search. What this does mean is that businesses will need to start investing even more heavily into SEO in order to gain the high rankings needed to maintain organic traffic levels. An integrated strategy with your SEM accounts should also be high on the priority list as the importance of Adwords ads increases even further in order to maintain your market share. The negative impact that this will have on businesses is that once again, the bigger players will be the ones that come out on top. If you have the budget to produce large-scale Adwords campaigns and invest in SEO to achieve top three positions, then you will be the one that succeeds. Smaller businesses will be the victim of these changes and only time will tell the overall impact. Much like with local search changes, the SEO game continues to get more complicated.