There has been some speculation of late about Facebook introducing the hashtag (#) into the network. This is potentially due to the success of the Twitter usage and how it encourages people and/or businesses to interact.

Obviously the hashtag has been utilised within the Instagram network and many individuals are accessing their Facebook page via Instagram, incorporating hashtags in their posts. However they don’t actually do anything or encourage any interaction.

Facebook mentioned that hashtags seem like the natural evolution with the release of their Graph Search. The search actually limits information input from users and the aim is to encourage the use of ‘check-ins’ and ‘likes’, for both personal and professional use. Basically Facebook hopes that the hashtag will improve the new search functionality. This will inevitably allow people to interact on certain or favoured topics, similar to that of Twitter.

This is still in the early stages and the introduction of the hashtag is still a rumour, however will certainly create a buzz in the social media industry.

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