In this session of #SFGettingSmarter, Dani, one of our paid search specialists explains the ins and outs of Facebook advertising.

As social platforms beef up their advertising functionality, more and more advertisers begin exploring opportunities in the social realm.

Depending on your industry, product, target market, and overall campaign objective, there are multiple sites available on which to run paid campaigns. In this Getting Smarter session, I hone in on the leader in social PPC advertising: Facebook.

Not only are Facebook ads a fantastic way for advertisers to share their messages with targeted audiences, businesses are able to create two-way dialogue with customers to build relationships, awareness and brand authority in their area of operation. It’s no surprise that this platform heads the social space in PPC advertising and that Facebook is currently building on its portfolio of advertising products. If you’re not across Facebook ads, you could be missing a fantastic means of brand awareness – and revenue!

In this week’s Getting Smarter, I run you through how your business can get started with Facebook advertising, with a breakdown of the platform, campaign types, targeting methods, basic campaign optimisation, and more!

Watch this space for more on social advertising opportunities.