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When you have no media budget, it can be hard to get an infographic off the ground. But with a strong concept and careful pre-design planning, we were able to achieve outstanding reach and traffic for Compare the Market – we even broke their website (temporarily).

Views in 24 hours

Media Spend

How we helped Compare the Market

By combining solid design and a hotly debated topic with a comprehensive amplification strategy, we were able to create an infographic that spread like wildfire on social media – all with a media spend of zero.

The Background

When you are a motorist, cyclists can be annoying. When you’re a cyclist, cars just get in the way. There is an increasing amount of media that pits these road users against each other, creating tension that fosters unsafe roads.

To leverage the sensationalised coverage and turn this into unprecedented engagement for our client, Compare the Market, iProspect’s angle was to create a graphic that didn’t lay blame. Instead, it simply talked about having respect for other road users. As Compare the Market plays in the car insurance space, this issue was a good fit for them to publish.

Our Approach

As part of the research process, iProspect connected with Feann Torr at and Christopher Jones at Both contacts provided quotes to summarise the message of the infographic. We also engaged Edward Hore, president of – an organisation that engages with councils, the government and agencies to deliver better outcomes for road users. This strategy of engaging key experts in the research phase helps to optimise the inherent interest of themes during the production phase, while also adding credibility to the subject.

In design, the infographic communicated that we need to create a culture of mutual respect between road users. It’s uplifting, friendly, and positive, and gives a balanced view that doesn’t blame either group.

In the interest of balance, the theme is divided into two halves, with tips and advice on either side of the ‘road’. The design and graphical elements were purposely kept simple for easy translation of the key themes, but also in keeping with the client’s brand guidelines.

Our Results

Views in the first 24 hours

On the first day of going live, the infographic received 4,030 organic visits. Over the next two weeks, it attracted another 1,659 views – bringing the total to 5,689. This is an increase of 119% in organic traffic to the blog when compared with the average visitor numbers for 2015. In fact, the referred traffic from this infographic was more than the client’s website could handle and it temporarily went down!

Media Spend

Despite having no media budget for this infographic, it gained impressive traction organically, reaching approximately 463,000 people on Facebook.

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