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By working closely with the Cruiseabout team, Search Factory | iProspect was able to deliver significant SEO results and develop a strategic plan that integrated with their above-the-line advertising.


Increase in organic, non-branded search traffic


Increase in overall new visitors

How we helped Cruiseabout

By using a combination of search tools and SEO expertise, we were able to create a long-term strategy that achieved the goals set out by Cruiseabout.

The Background

With more than 60 stores around Australia, Cruiseabout is a significant force in the cruising travel industry.

When they came to us, Cruiseabout was relatively new to the search space. While they had achieved reasonable results, they were looking to take their organic search to the next level. These were the areas identified as important by the client:

  1. Great client contact and long-term strategy development.
  2. Improve rankings for targeted keyword phrases.
  3. Expand on existing targeted keywords.
  4. Increase the volume of non-branded SEO traffic coming to the website.

Our Approach

After our preliminary investigations were conducted, we were able to identify the four areas that presented the biggest opportunities. These included:

Seasonality review – A combination of Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends was used to project seasonal shifts in demand for certain products. It was discovered that certain products had massive spikes (for example, “cruises Brisbane”) at certain times of the year.

Search Intent Review – A careful keyword analysis was conducted using both AdWords and analytics data. From this data, we determined there were two major SEO opportunities present: point to point searches (“cruises from Brisbane to Europe”) and destination searches (“Europe cruises”). Both these mid-long tail search patterns converted extremely well via paid search and produced considerable traffic, however no effort had been made to target these terms organically.

On-site review – A full on-site audit was conducted using a number of third-party tools which revealed some good on-site opportunities. Combining the onsite information with the search intent research revealed some opportunities for content. We were able to build out and create new content sections for the site.

Off-site review – A complete off-site review was conducted where Search Factory identified a number of link-building opportunities. There were three areas that offered some significant wins, including link target diversification, outreach link-building and social.

Over the course of 5 months, Search Factory | iProspect executed the following strategy:

  1. Quarterly strategy plans and monthly on-site meetings were conducted to pro-actively plan out future activity.
  2. Key stakeholders were involved in strategic planning sessions so that above-the-line media messaging could be integrated into the organic search space.
  3. Destination based pages were developed and targeted with a strategic link-building campaign.
  4. Ongoing link-building campaign targeting high-quality, targeted, contextual links.
  5. Ongoing diversified anchor text and target page strategies.
  6. Ongoing targeted social syndication of backlinks and site content.
  7. Meta-description tag testing to improve CTR from SERPs.

Our Results


Increase in organic, non-branded search traffic

Over the five month period, non-branded search traffic saw a significant increase, which was a key objective set by the client.


Increase in overall new visitors

In addition to traffic growth, we also delivered consistent improvement to rankings for the key terms being targeted.

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