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Cruisin’ Motorhomes

By focusing on their strengths as a brand and expanding existing content, we were able to make the Cruisin’ Motorhomes website significantly more appealing.

Pages for Crusin' Motorhomes

Pages for Cruisin' Tasmania

How we helped Cruisin’ Motorhomes

Incorporating targeted keywords and providing potential customers with valuable information ensured that our writing across 30 website pages was a valuable component of the client’s overall SEO strategy.

The Background

Prior to our work on their content, the Cruisin’ Motorhomes website was lacking in copy that could truly engage with audiences. Our core goal was to fill this gap throughout the site by:

  • Expanding existing content
  • Strengthening the Cruisin’ Motorhomes brand image as an adventurous and trusted Australian travel company
  • Creating copy that was relevant and valuable to consumers while maintaining a fun and adventurous tone.

Our Approach

Work on this project was complicated by the existence of two related websites: Cruisin’ Motorhomes and Cruisin’ Tasmania. To avoid duplication issues, our strategy included writing original high-quality content for both sites.

Our aim throughout the project was to:

  • Make a road trip in a campervan sound like a fun and adventurous holiday for every kind of traveller, regardless of age, nationality and budget
  • Provide details of itineraries in order to motivate consumers
  • Promote specific areas, key cities and Australia in general as prime holiday destinations.

Our Results

Pages for Cruisin' Motorhomes

The client now has an informative website where consumers can easily learn about the brand and the services they offer. Their site’s content is more engaging, thorough and insightful than it was before.

Pages for Cruisin' Tasmania

Writer’s Note: Before I worked on this project, the thought of driving around Tasmania in a campervan in the middle of winter didn’t sound like a particularly appealing holiday. However, since learning more about the itineraries that Cruisin’ Motorhomes provides (particularly the routes they offer in Tasmania), I have now added such a holiday to my bucket list. I am confident that the Cruisin’ Motorhomes website will have much the same effect on consumers.

We started working with the Search Factory content team through Richard in March and have been very impressed with the content changes they have made on our website. Using a creative approach, they have been able to transform the website content to become user-friendly and at the same time optimised for search engines. Their ability to write engaging content has helped us engage with our customers through detailed travel itineraries, technical information about our hire vehicles and fun content for our social channels. Their support and advice has been valuable and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Brett Lucas,

Cruisin' Motorhomes

Search Factory

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