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Tu Projects

Search Factory |iProspect helped Tu Projects by creating targeted paid search campaigns that reached the right people at the right time.


Decrease in cost per acquisition


Increase in converted clicks

How we helped Tu Projects

Tu Projects approached Search Factory | iProspect to assist them with their web presence and visibility.

The Background

Tu Projects has been delivering high-quality results in shopfitting for many industry verticals, including retail, hospitality and office environments.

Our objectives were to increase the amount of enquiries, reduce CPA and improve other key performance metrics.

Our Approach

Campaigns were constructed in a tightly knit fashion where we could have the most control over the keywords using a match type strategy. Initially we set keywords broader to cast a net and gain insights into what users were exactly typing in. Then we started to refine the campaigns using Search Query Reports and integrating new keywords using a more refined match type strategy.

The new campaign’s Ad Groups were then run to gather stats and maintain a healthy conversion rate, at which point we analysed what locations conversions were coming from using Google Analytics. We focused on locations that were generating low ROI and a high cost per conversion; these were given a lower bid through location bidding adjustments, while those locations that were driving performance were prioritised with a higher bid. This allowed us to achieve a greater enquiry rate and a much lower CPA.

Once enough data had been collected, we analysed the time of day when traffic was best and at what time conversions were more likely to occur. Bids on top-performing keywords were adjusted accordingly to match the top converting hours.


Our Results

By using the tools available to create targeted paid search campaigns, we were able to get some impressive results for Tu Projects.


Decrease in cost per acquisition

Smart bidding resulted in cheaper acquisitions, making it a smart investment.


Increase in converted clicks

Targeted and relevant ads served to people at the right time helped increase conversions and drive business.

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