Looking for a career in digital marketing?

Do you have what it takes to stay ahead of the digital marketing game? The correct answer is 'yes' – though we would also accept 'yep!', 'bloody oath!', or 'hell to the yeah!' Either way, joining the Search Factory | iProspect team is your shortcut to the front of the pack.

If you want to be a boss someday, we can help bring your ambitions to life. Our job opportunities cover a range of specialisations, with plenty of potential for career advancement. From Account Managers to Content Writers to SEO Executives, every position at Search Factory calls for an exceptional set of skills, and we’re always on the lookout for talented applicants.

Our Culture

Why stay in a job that doesn’t keep you motivated? We hate to sound like a motivational speaker, but only you have the power to determine the direction of your career. Whether you’re looking for a change or just starting to climb the corporate ladder, we welcome every new team member with open arms. (Purely metaphorical open arms. We won’t actually hug you. Sorry.)

So, what are you waiting for? Come over to the dark side. And by the dark side, we actually mean the coolest digital agency in Brisbane.

As Search Factory has grown from a modest startup into a digital powerhouse, we have always made a point of fostering innovation while doing everything we can to create a dynamic and sociable working environment. We haven’t let success go to our heads, and even though we’re kind of a big deal these days, our company culture remains focused on the happiness of our employees. From epic ping pong battles to chilled-out Friday afternoon drinks, we ensure that when we’re not working our butts off, our team has plenty of opportunities to have fun and get to know each other.

We’re not saying you have to become immediate BFFs with your co-workers or anything, but how much nicer is it to work in an office where you are actually allowed to talk to your fellow team members and enjoy each other’s company?

Each year, Search Factory employees spend thousands of hours working together, solving problems, meeting with clients, developing content, building links, improving websites and advising small businesses, big organisations and industry giants. Besides being excellent at what we do, we never waste a chance to celebrate wins and recognise each other’s hard work.

Training and Development

Do you ever lie awake at 2am worrying that your skillset is losing its relevancy in today’s ever-changing digital landscape? Well, worry no more! We pride ourselves on being a company without limits. Regardless of your job title, Search Factory ensures that every member of our team has the necessary skills to keep pace with the ever-changing digital marketing industry. From Google qualifications to department workshops, our learning opportunities are as varied and valuable as we are.

Who We Hire

Whether you’re a recent graduate hungry for experience or a veteran in your field, we are dedicated to finding untapped potential. Different positions require diverse skillsets, and finding the right person for every position at Search Factory is extremely important to us. The candidates that most often catch our eye have versatile abilities and a steadfast work ethic, and they aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and defy conventions – so don’t be afraid to show off your unique talents. We hate reading boring cover letters probably about as much as you hate writing them, so get creative and send us something with a little personality.

Get on Our Radar

So what is it really like to work at Search Factory? For a better understanding of what we do, our About Us page can tell you everything you need to know – or why not jump right into our blog? If your CV and cover letter are ready to roll, you could even call us on 1300 884 320 to find out if we’re hiring right now and let us know you’re interested.

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