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Search Factory | iProspect can be relied on to deliver the most innovative SEO services in Brisbane, providing local businesses with tailor-made optimisation tactics and creative content solutions.

What is SEO?

Confused by all the acronyms that people seem to use these days? Allow us to provide you with some much-needed clarification. Short for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is a series of techniques used to obtain increased visibility and rankings in search engine results. It is super effective at directing organic traffic to your website, giving your brand more opportunities to secure customers.

The SEO industry is pretty intense, and with so many businesses in Brisbane vying to be the most visible online, taking out one of the top spots in a search engine like Google or Bing doesn’t happen by accident – it requires advanced SEO knowhow. Only an advanced SEO strategy can make a difference to your website’s organic performance, and the optimisation process involves much more than just a few technical tricks.

This is where we come in. Think you know some good SEO tactics? You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen our team in action. By creating an SEO strategy that incorporates factors such as relevant keywords and content, user experience, and engagement, we’ll get search engines to recognise your website as a leader in your industry. We don’t just settle for SEO best practice either – our team of experts look beyond this and devise a strategy that is innovative and tailored to your unique needs. Before you know it, people will be flocking to your website to check out your business.

Why Choose Us?

Because Search Factory is the best digital marketing specialist in town! When it comes to SEO in Brisbane, we know what it takes to get the job done and leave our competitors in the dust. Here is what sets us apart.

No Lock-In Contracts

All services at Search Factory are offered on flexible terms with no fixed prices, giving you the freedom to use our industry-leading strategies only for as long as your business needs, no strings attached. Not happy with our services? Don’t be afraid to break up with us. No hard feelings and all that.

Bespoke Projects

We know that every business is different, and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. This is why everything we do is offered as an individual product and 100% customisable.

Flexible Budgets

Whether we are working with a small business or a multinational corporation, we don’t allow finances to stand in the way of top-notch SEO tactics. We can cater our services to suit every kind of budget, no matter how big or small. Afraid you can’t afford our services? Simply ask us. We were a small startup once, so we know how hard it can be when your business is just finding its feet.

Strict KPI Targets

It is our policy to provide all clients with made-to- measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), taking the guesswork out of evaluating the success of our strategies. Beyond all the fancy technical talk, we back up every claim we make with cold, hard numbers.

A Team of Local Experts

Every Search Factory employee is an expert in their field. Our team covers a range of specialisations, including SEO, Content Writing, PPC, and Amplification. Wedon’t outsource anything either – all of our team members are based right here in Brisbane.


Detailed and regular reporting on crucial factors such as website traffic and ROI means we can maintain transparency at all times. From start to finish, our clients are kept informed on how their SEO is progressing. As intimidating as it is sometimes, our clients can see everything we do and whether or not it’s working.

Data-Driven Approach

We leave nothing to chance at Search Factory. Every decision we make is based on data and methodical market research, resulting in the most accurate standard of SEO available in Brisbane.

What’s Included in This Service?

A Full Technical Site Audit
Our SEO team can crawl over your entire website, identifying any technical issues that may be preventing your business from reaching its full online potential. In order to find even the smallest glitches, we focus on several different technical aspects, including performance, structure and indexability. For instance, if your website takes a long time to load, people may lose patience and click away, limiting customer engagement. A site audit will pick up these issues so we can rectify them as soon as possible and develop a more effective SEO strategy for your business.
Keyword Research, Targeting and Mapping
As a critical component of every SEO campaign, identifying relevant keywords and using them effectively is one of our most highly valued services. Your SEO consultant will use a range of data sources to identify the highest-converting and most applicable keywords for your business, while our Content Writing team can craft copy specifically for the purpose of targeting those keywords. We can also include keyword mapping in your SEO strategy, which organises keywords into a framework that mirrors your website’s structure for maximum impact.
Competitor Analysis

Want to know what your closest competitors are up to? We can tell you! No SEO strategy is complete without a thorough competitor analysis. After establishing industry averages and studying metrics, we will identify what your competitors are doing well and what could be improved. We can then use this information to strengthen your campaign, meaning your competitors could actually be some of your greatest SEO assets!

Google Penalty Checks

Google can be such a drama queen sometimes. If you’ve noticed a sudden decrease in organic traffic to your website, a Google algorithm penalty could be to blame. This can occur either as a result of an algorithm update or as a reprimand for using SEO tactics that Google actively tries to discourage. Whatever the reason for the penalty, it will certainly have a negative impact on your website’s search rankings, especially if the issue isn’t resolved quickly. Search Factory will run the necessary checks to see if Google’s algorithms, including Panda, Hummingbird and Penguin, have had any effect on your website. Should we find anything, we can rectify the issue and get your website back to its former glory.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics Setup

The success of your business is measured by the scope of SEO data we can access. If you don’t already have a Google Analytics or Google Search Console account set up, we can coordinate their implementation for you. Not only can these programs provide us with a clear idea of what’s leading to better ROI; they also give our team the ability to understand how Google is viewing your website, allowing us to determine any factors that may be impacting SEO performance. We can set up an account tailored specifically to your needs, allowing your business to take full advantage of the latest innovations.

Monthly Reporting

Every business that works with Search Factory can expect regular face-to-face and/or over-the-phone meetings, customised SEO reporting metrics, access to enterprise-level search engine management, advanced research tools and expert advice from our team of SEO specialists. In addition to providing you with results, we equip all of our clients with an understanding of how SEO works, how it is changing and what you must do to keep your business from losing any of its competitive edge. We consistently prioritise communication, so you won’t ever feel out of the loop.

A Full Backlink Audit

A comprehensive backlink audit is one of the first vital steps in creating an effective SEO strategy. It involves an in-depth analysis of your website’s link-building capabilities, allowing you to work within the algorithms and outpace your competitors. Our team is highly adept at identifying warning signs in backlinks, such as over-optimised anchor text, low-quality links, link spam and negative SEO attacks. This kind of audit can also identify any penalties while safeguarding you against future algorithm updates.

Information Architecture Review

One of the more technical SEO tactics, information architecture refers to a website’s structure and how the different pages relate to each other. There are ways of structuring your website for maximum optimisation, allowing for the easy application of keywords and phrases.

A Typical SEO Strategy

Search Factory understands that every organisation we work with is unique, which is why we take a customised approach to SEO. In order to fully understand your goals and objectives, we work closely with your team to create a tailor-made strategy tied to specific ROI targets. A typical Search Factory SEO strategy comes with all the desired bells and whistles, including any (or all!) of the following:

Competitor analysis
Backlink audit
Local optimisation for targeting specific geographical locations
Link-building and content amplification
Ongoing site maintenance to ensure your website remains free of duplicate content and broken links.

A structured campaign with detailed KPI planning
PPC advertising
Onsite optimisation
Technical SEO
Content Writing

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